At Session, we believe fitness should be a fun and engaging experience. Come break the mold, lose yourself in the music, spin under the light of the disco ball, and have an incredible workout in a motivating environment. As our approach to fitness is new and unique to Campbell River, we want to ensure that everyone is able to attend classes, no matter their experience level. All classes cover beginner’s direction, and our certified instructors are here to encourage you and ensure you have an amazing time. The beauty of spin is that each rider is in control of their own ride, so you can get whatever you want out of your time with us. We offer a variety of musically-driven classes, to accommodate riders of all levels and interests.

Rhythm Rides are devoted to cycling to the beat of the music, and you’ll leave feeling like you’ve spent an hour on the dance floor. During a Rhythm Ride, there are a variety of “choreography moves” but don’t be intimidated! These moves are fun and easy to get the hang of once you’ve had some practice finding the beat. It can take a few classes to find your rhythm, so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t catch it right away. If you’re new to a Rhythm Ride, we recommend grabbing a spot towards the back so you can watch the riders in front and just focus on the beat before joining in. Keep at it and you will be “pumping” and “dipping” with the class in no time!

Power Rides are devoted to speed and resistance. Your “power” number on the console is a calculation of your speed x resistance (also referred to as wattage). The more speed or resistance you add during your ride, the higher your power number will be. With that said, your power number is unique to YOU. Other factors such as body weight and composition will affect the amount of power you can put in the pedal. For example, a very fit 130 lb person may still have a lower power number than an unfit 250 lb person, therefore comparing a power number to another rider is really quite pointless. Use your power number to get to know your own fitness level and set goals for yourself, but don’t compare it to anyone else.

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Month to Month (No Contract) - $110/month

Month to Month (6 Month Contract) - $95/month

One-Time Purchase 6 Months Unlimited - $510

20 Class Card - $225

10 Class Card - $130

Drop In - $15

* Current Spin Schedule from September 16th, 2019

* Current Spin Schedule from September 16th, 2019

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It is important you create a profile in Wellnessliving before your first class, as this is where you will sign your studio waiver. You will also need to sign a PAR-Q form (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire) before your first ride, so ensure you give yourself some extra time when you arrive for your first class.

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